3 Simple Tricks for an Unforgettable Wedding Menu

You want the food at your wedding to be delicious and elegantly presented. You also wouldn’t mind if your guests were still talking about how amazing it was a year later. If you’re feeling stressed out about how to make your wedding menu a standout affair, we’re here to help. As one of the highest rated catering services in Philadelphia, we’ve learned a beautiful wedding menu starts with a few simple upgrades.

Do Your Research Off-Line

The web is a wonderful tool for planning your wedding, and websites like The Knot, Martha Stewart Living and Pinterest all have useful menu ideas and advice. But if you want a wedding menu that blows your guests away, do some of your research away from the computer. Food involves all five of your senses, and should be approached accordingly.

When planning your menu, take a trip to a bookstore or library and look through cookbooks and cooking magazines for ideas. Sifting through shelves or piles of printed material helps you make surprising discoveries. Some cookbook authors, like Elizabeth David and Marcella Hazan, write beautifully and bring their recipes to life on the page, and it’s a pleasure to linger over full-color spreads depicting entrees or whole menus. If you find a recipe or presentation that you particularly like, copy it and bring it to your caterer.

Your own history as a couple is another rich resource to turn to when you brainstorm your wedding menu. Think back to your most memorable dates, perhaps your first date or the one on which you became engaged. Was there a particular cuisine, restaurant or dish that you both loved? A dish that ties into a shared memory is a sweet reminder of your time together.

Create a Boutique Bar

Offering a signature cocktail is the simplest way to elevate your wedding bar from average to elegant. In addition to beer, wine and liquor, set up a separate, smaller bar where guests can serve themselves something unique or watch the bartender mix up a complicated cocktail. A boutique bar makes a pleasing point of interest and makes things even more fun for your guests.

The best part about a boutique bar is that it lends itself to endless possibilities. Some of our favorite bars that we’ve seen have included “Mad Men”-themed bars where guests can treat themselves to an Old Fashioned, “bubbly bars“ for Champagne and Prosecco-based drinks mixed with fruit-flavored syrups and alcoholic-infused takes on treats like popsicles and milkshakes.

Downsize Your Appetizers

Appetizers are served well before the main course, but there’s no reason that they can’t be something that your guests look forward to. Appetizers, in fact, provide an ideal platform for surprising and delighting your guests with clever, unexpected twists on standard fare.

One easy way to infuse your appetizers with a little bit of whimsy and humor is to have your caterer serve individual mini-meals alongside the usual assortment of cheese, crackers and fruit. Your guests will be delighted when a waiter offers them a creation like an individual fondue “kit” or a mini grilled cheese sandwich balanced atop a shot glass filled with tomato soup.

Speaking of shot glasses, it’s become trendy to repurpose them for things other than alcohol. Use them for soups, condiments or anything else you imagination suggests—Pinterest is especially good for ideas on how to incorporate shot glasses into your appetizers. It’s one more way to get your guests laughing and talking before the main meal.

At Sage Catering, we can accommodate all of your wedding menu requests, no matter how specific or unusual. If you need help with ideas, our team of caterers and events planners can help you craft the perfect wedding menu. For more information, visit our Philadelphia catering website.


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